Kona Micro:no tektelic-ns.toml file in /etc/default

Kona Micro:no tektelic-ns.toml file in /etc/default

Hi in your "getting Kona Micro running on AWS IoT Core" you have the section:

  1. Modify the tektelic-ns.toml file:

    • Comment the Network Server URL in the tektelic-bridge.ns.toml file in the directory

      /etc/default on your Gateway.

    • When using the MQTT bridge, you can commission the GWs onto our OAM Server. To do this you would have to uncomment the URL in the tektelic-bridge.oam.toml under /etc/default directory.

    • Then, restart the mqtt-bridge by executing the following command: /etc/init.d/mqtt-bridge restart

    • Followed by restarting the packet forwarder: /etc/init.d/pkt_fwd restart

... but there is no tektelic-ns.toml file in /etc/default !

system_version says:

  1. Distributor ID:      Tektelic

    Description:         Tektelic Kona Micro GNU/Linux 3.0.4 

    Release:             3.0.4 

    Product:             Kona Micro 

    u-boot:              2013.07-rc2-kona-micro-indoor-v1.0.1-g5ae921923e

    Linux kernel:        3.12.17-tektelic-2.3.0-kona-micro-indoor-g56fb3ac90d

    System monitor:      tektelic-system-monitor-0.14-r5

    SNMP agent:          tektelic-snmp-agents-0.51-r10

    LTE connection mgr:  modem-connection-manager-0.40-r7

    Network monitor:     kona-network-monitor-0.19-r6

    NS switcher:         kona-ns-switcher-0.36-r11

    Packet forwarder:    kona-pkt-forwarder-4.0.21-r116

    BIST manager:        tektelic-bist-manager-0.7-r3

    BSP upgrade tool:    tektelic-upgrade-1.3.0-r28.p15

    Backup tool:         tektelic-backup-1.3.0-r12

    FPGA access tool:    tektelic-fpga-access-1.0.0-r6

    MQTT bridge:         tektelic-mqtt-bridge-1.2.0-r22

    GPIO FPGA:           5007 build 0027