Macro BSP v5.1.3 Available Now

Macro BSP v5.1.3 Available Now

The newest Kona Macro Gateway BSP v5.1.3 is available on our shared FTP site.


To download these files and upgrade BSP on Kona Macro Gateway, log in using an FTP Client and Use an FTP client (such as Filezilla from


Note that, we have recently changed our FTP site to use encryption (FTPS or FTP over TLS), as well as added a domain name. Thus, use FTPS (or FTP over TLS) via FTP client such as FileZilla to  Accounts and passwords remain the same.  The only change you may need to make is to set FileZilla to use FTPS as shown in the attached image.




Username: customer
Password: vU6_ATR3

Navigate to the correct directory: /Kona_MACRO_SW/BSP_5.1.3


Please refer to the software update guide for instructions on how to update. The updated guide is available in the Knowledge Base.

Units with BSP v5.1.3 out of the factory will be available at a later date in the near future.

  • Basic Station in this BSP (Basic Station v1.7.0-r73) requires “report_count”: 1 field in the config.json file (it has to be added manually under gateway_conf in the file).

  • Without this field, it will not sync with Packet Forwarder .

  • As a result, it will not process uplinks packets and send to Network Servers.

  • Therefore, Basic Station package included in this BSP should not be used with previous BSP.

  • Once you upgrade gateway to this BSP and if you are using Basic Station, then kindly add “report_count”: 1 field in config.json file on the gateway.