Mega BSP 4.1.2 Available Now

Mega BSP 4.1.2 Available Now


The newest Kona Mega Gateway BSP v4.1.2 is available in our shared FTP site.


To download these files and upgrading BSP on Kona Mega Gateway, login using an FTP Client and Use an FTP client (such as Filezilla from


Note that, we have recently changed our FTP site to use encryption (FTPS or FTP over TLS), as well as added a domain name. Thus, use FTPS (or FTP over TLS) via FTP client such as filezilla to  Accounts and passwords remain the same.  The only change you may need to make is to set filezilla to use FTPS, like shown in attached image.





Username: customer

Password: vU6_ATR3

Navigate to the correct directory: /Kona_MEGA_SW/BSP_4.1.2


Please refer to the software update guide for instructions on how to update. The update guide is included in the FTP site and is also available in the Knowledge Base.


Units with BSP v4.1.2 out of the factory will be available at a later date in the near future.