Packet forwarder config options

Packet forwarder config options

I am trying to evaluate the Kona Macro to use in a few different configurations.  By default, the packet forwarder config is set so both radios are listening, to achieve a 16 channel gateway.  I am curious if, instead, we can have radio0 in receive only, and radio1 in transmit only, to achieve full-duplex (obviously only 8 channels).  Would we start by doing something like this in the config?  Any other white papers or topics that cover this option?  thanks!

  1. "rf_chain_conf":[

  2. {

  3.   "rx_enable": true,

  4.   "tx_enable": false,

  5. },{

  6.   "rx_enable": false,

  7.   "tx_enable": true,

  8. }],