Industrial Sensor FAQs

Industrial Sensor FAQs

Industrial Sensor FAQ

General Sensor FAQ:



Why is the System LED rapidly blinking on my sensor?

While a sensor is not joined to a network it will continuously blink the System LED to indicate its unconnected status to the user. Ensure your LoRaWAN gateway is connected to your Network Server and verify the DevEUI, AppEUI and AppKey for the device.

Why does my LoRa LED blink periodically?

The LoRa LED indicates LoRa traffic being sent or received by the device. A short blink indicates the sensor has just transmitted, while a longer blink indicates the sensor has received a message.

How do I add my sensor to a Network Server?

Provisioning a sensor on a Network Server will vary based on your Network Server provider. An example of how to perform this on the TEKTELIC Network Server is available in your sensors user manual. Most network server providers will require you to enter the DevEUI, AppEUI and AppKey of your device on their service.

What version of LoRaWAN do the sensors implement?

All TEKTELIC Sensor products run LoRaWAN 1.0.2

The serial numbers on my case are different from the serial numbers on the circuit board. Did my order get mixed up?

All TEKTELIC products have multiple serial numbers so we can track the devices at each stage of production. It is normal that you sensor board and sensor assembly have different numbers.

What can I find the commissioning values for my sensors? (DEVEUI, APPEUI and APPKEY)

We keep the commissioning values for each sensor secure on our own server. We send the commissioning values for each sensor sent with a shipment but if this was misplaced please send the serial number the revision and the Tcode of the sensor and we can get the information for you.

Why is my sensor sending more packets than the Network Server receives?
This occurs when the channel plan does not reflect the number of channels accepted by the gateway. By default, all sensors come up in 64 channel mode which results in lost packets if a gateway with less than 64 channels is used. If you have an 8 channel gateway for example, ensure this is configured in the device settings in the Network Server. In the TEKTELIC NS under the "advanced network settings" tab change the configuration of the "default channel mask" to reflect the number of channels used by the gateway used.

Industrial Sensor FAQ:

What is the default configuration of the Industrial Sensor?
When you receive a new Industrial Sensor it is configured to: report Temperature and Humidity once an hour, report Battery Voltage one a day, report each time the digital input element is toggled, and report all input values every fifteen minutes.
How to I change the configuration on the Industrial Sensor?
The Tektelic Industrial Sensor provides an Over-the-Air downlink API for enabling/disabling and configuring all the built in sensing elements. Please refer to the Industrial Sensor Technical Reference Manual for more details.
How do I make the Industrial Sensor transmit on demand?
The Digital Input (Input 1) is configured by default to transmit whenever the input state changes.