Kona Field Tool User Guide (KonaFT)

Kona Field Tool User Guide (KonaFT)

Kona Field Tool User Guide

The current version of the Kona Field Tool can be found at the following link: https://support.tektelic.com/portal/kb/articles/konaft. Download and install on a Windows PC running XP, Win7 or Win10.

Once installed, launch the application and connect your Kona gateway.

General Tab

Gateway Info:
  • Provides OEM information (product code, serial number, gateway ID, MAC, frequency band, etc)
  • Provides GPS information (lock status, and position)
Packet Forwarder Statistics
  • Describes current packet forwarder installed
  • Describes transmit/receive statistics
Spectral Scan/Spectrum Analyzer
  • Useful tool to check for interference in the receive band and power level histograms for each operating channel

Board Details: Performance

Provides Performance Statistics of the Host platform:
  • CPU usage
  • Memory usage
  • Storage usage
Useful to debug if there is CPU over-utilization, memory leak, log rotation leak, etc.

Board Details: SW Management

Read Versions (Short List):
  • Check BSP version and versions of other Linux packages installed
Sets the location of the upgrade server containing the upgrade files.  Can be either external or local on the Gateway

Lists available packages for upgrade/installation

Will prompt the user if a BSP upgrade is available

Board Details: Backup and Restore

Displays available backups
  • A backup is automatically created when a BSP upgrade is initiated
Restore an existing backup
  • Reverts the Gateway back to previous backed up state

Board Details: Log Configuration

Allows the rate of logging to be changed on the Gateway and the frequency of rotation


Enabling/Disabling Firewall
  • Checks the status of the firewall
Enabling/Disabling ICMP
  • Allows the Gateway to be pinged
Enabling/Disabling SSH
  • Recommended that this is disabled and firewall rules added for trusted connections
Editing of firewall rules
  • Adding/deleting and modifying of firewall rules on the Gateway

HW Alarm

Displays current alarm and fault status
An alarm will be raised if a specific fault is triggered on the Gateway
List of alarms and faults are available on the next two slides
Allows for fault simulation (only locally on the gateway)

Hardware Faults

Alarm List

LED Strategy