Kona Micro-Lite / Pico GW FAQ

Kona Micro-Lite / Pico GW FAQ

I see my Micro Lite GW is showing up as "Offline" on the Network Server even though the LED is not flashing, why is that?  
The Micro Lite GW by default will state its status as "Offline" until sensors have been joined and transmitting. Check that you have properly added sensors to the GW.
My Micro Lite GW System LED is flashing continuously what does this mean?
This means that the Micro Lite GW has not been able to successfully get an IP address or connect to the Network server. Please check your DHCP logs to see if Micro Lite Gateway has been issued an IP and try to ping the IP from a computer. Ensure that the connection to  network server is not blocked by your firewall.
I cannot find the MAC Address of the GW
The sticker at the bottom of the gateway shows the MAC ID. Typically it is formatted as 647FDAFFFE0000
What is the basic configuration that my GW comes with?
The Gateway is configured with the Semtech packet forwarder to talk to the Tektelic network Server, unless otherwise specified when ordered. If you require a re-configuration to other network server, please see the Kona Micro Lite Configuration Guide
How to use Kona Field management tool on Micro Lite gateway
Kona Field management tool is not yet supported on Kona Micro Lite Gateway  
Can I SSH the Micro Lite GW using its IP address?
Access of Micro Lite GW through SSH is not supported.
Can I use KonaFT to access Kona Micro Lite gateway?
No, KonaFT can't be used to access the features of Kona Micro Lite Gateway.

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