COMFORT / VIVID Technical Reference Manual

COMFORT / VIVID Technical Reference Manual

There have been several releases of the COMFORT/VIVID sensor (formerly known as Home Sensor, Smart Room Sensor). The Technical Reference Manuals applicable to each revision are provided in the attachments.
  1. COMFORT refers to the base model.
  2. VIVID refers to the PIR model.
Before selecting a TRM, you will have to identify your model and revision of the COMFORT/VIVID sensor.

Please always check out the attachments for most up-to-date documents.

Model Identification

Please see the above picture for identifying the following:
  1. T-code
  2. Revision
  3. Serial number

Firmware Version

Some TRMs correspond to specific firmware versions of the COMFORT/VIVID sensor. To determine this, you will need to send the following downlink to the sensor:
  1. Hex: 0x71
  2. Port: 100
When the sensor responds, the first 3 bytes determine what the FW version of the device is.

Table of Technical Reference Manuals

Once the T-Code and revision has been identified, please match it according to the table below for your specific TRM.

Module T-Codes

Module Revisions

FW Versions

Applicable TRMs

T0004885, T0004886, T0004893, T0004895, T0004896, T0004897




D and above



T0006115, T0006116, T0006117, T0006118, T0006163, T0006164, T0006161, T0006162

C and below

1.3.0 and below




T0006115, T0006116

D and above



Please note that support for older sensors (T-Codes T0004XXX) will have limited support.